By: Charity Oronos
My ever-faithful alarm clock rings at around six o’clock in the morning and shatters my restful slumber into early morning chaos. When we wake up every morning the first thing we do is to get on our phone, we want to find the next stats, find out how many cases of COVID-19 are in our state or town or what’s the global prediction. We read the latest about what experts say about this scary thing.
The problem with that is we’re developing a heart habit of trouble meditating, problem meditating and God forgetting. And when we do that, trouble grows larger and larger and God seems smaller and smaller and the result of that is fear. We are not denying reality but we are looking at reality through the lens of God’s sovereignty.*Do remember, God hasn’t forsaken us in the midst of it all. (“Those who know Your Name trust in You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You. (Psalm 9:10). David wrote Psalm 63:1-2 while he was in the Judean wilderness. He said, “I will earnestly seek You”. Seek Him in faith. Believing that God is great and great enough to deliver us from our sins and nothing is too difficult for Him.
What’s our day like? If there’s no prayer time, if there’s no Bible reading, if there’s no feeding of your spirit if there’s nothing that hardly acknowledges God all week long if there’s no time to seek God, then we are in big trouble. It’s kind of ego, pride, and wickedness if we don’t even pray and acknowledge Him (Psalm 10:4). When we’re weak with God, the temptation is so strong. When we’re strong with God, the temptation is weak. The more I seek, Him, the stronger I am with God, the weaker the temptation will be. The lesser I seek God, the weaker I am, the stronger the temptation will be (Psalm 34:10). When we seek God, He will surely affect our schedule and lead our path (Joshua 1:8-9).
There ought to be a bible reading time, prayer time, and a prayer place (Isaiah 33:2). There were times I find myself I don’t understand the word at the moment. But the next day, when the hell is breaking loose, the Word read about last night or yesterday will remind me that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, God is in His throne and in full control. Then suddenly confidence and spiritual strength come in because I had Him took over at the start of the day (Psalm 37:4). In making decisions, we can’t afford to use our intellect alone. We are supposed to be guided by the Holy Spirit- seek the counsel of the Lord for everything. We cannot just go on and expect that God will back us up. It sounds so silly but I’m amazed how prayerless I’ve become, amazed at how many times even in my life I haven’t even asked the counsel of the Lord. I have come to realize that the Master Designer has something great in store for me and for anyone who seeks Him and put their trust in Him. This is an encouraging word for all of us, to keep seeking and focus on God and not on the problems we constantly face.*
We’d better seek God right now, we’d better get in with Him and we’ll find Him that way (Isaiah 55:6). Jesus is waiting for our absolute and unconditional surrender to Him.
We’d better seek God right now, we’d better get in with Him and we’ll find Him that way (Isaiah 55:6). Jesus is waiting for our absolute and unconditional surrender to Him.

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